About the Museum

The Dominican Museum is located in the premises of Krakow’s Dominican priory, which is one of the oldest Dominican monasteries in the world. It is also the oldest male priory in Poland that has never stopped its activities and the largest complex of monastic buildings in Krakow.

The priory was constructed gradually. The oldest fragments of the walls come from the 12th century but for hundreds of years the buildings stood apart. At present, the entire priory complex is located around three patios. Adjacent to the Basilica of the Holy Trinity are centrally located four-sided cloisters with a closed patio in the middle, from which you can access, for example, the Gothic chapter house from the 14th century, as well as the 15th – century  atrium, from which you can enter the Museum.

The Museum is located in previously inaccessible priory rooms, that is, in a room with an exposed 13th – century wall on the ground floor, and in deepened medieval cellars.

The remaining priory rooms belong to monastic enclosure, which protects the private and common life of over one hundred preacher brothers living in the priory.